Debut Release! Down the Hole

All recording and mixing for Luke MacRoberts’ album was done in Madriguera Studio in the heart of Mexico City’s neighborhood La Merced. Iván Almanza, the studio’s founder and drummer for the band Apolo, engineered and produced all 13 tracks with Luke side by side. All mastering was done by the legendary Tom Baker (NIN, Modest Mouse, Cafe Tacvba, and Avenged Sevenfold among many others). Down The Hole may fall into the category of experimental or even post-prog, but the accessibility of the music to the every-day listener makes it stand out. Evident influences such as The Mars Volta and Nine Inch Nails, somehow sit comfortably alongside Graham Nash and Radiohead. The album is an ode to what everyone asks themselves at one point or another: Why? What’s the point? What is the next step? Why does any of this matter? It is meant to take us on a journey through one of the phases in our lives when the rut of our existence feels unescapable. Existentialism, comfort in the uncomfortable, and personal breaking-points are central themes throughout the record. The reality of an unclear path and an unattainable desire for something meaningful to occur is what lyrically links each song to the other. There are a whopping six instrumental tracks scattered throughout as well. The dark and dissonant harmonies and soundscape of the album’s style are what really makes this body of work shine. Through the combination of heavy effects, musicianship, unapologetic composition, and an overall melancholic tone, Down The Hole is an authentic look into the mind of Luke MacRoberts. The CD will be available on all digital platforms including Spotify, itunes, Bandcamp, Tidal, Googleplay, and Amazon by the beginning of May 2019.


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Is this it?
Pipe dreams
Thousand year old baby
The Escape Plan
Hello old friend
The lull of the void
What I need
Letting go
Empty Space
Falling down the hole
Out of thin air
Almost awake, almost alive